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We Need to Talk

 Dr. Jae-Woo Kim

Adult children can find it daunting to navigate the conversation minefield that is end-of-life care with their parents. So, we asked Jae-Woo Kim, M.D. of Edina for tips to help empower aging parents who wish to maintain a sense of autonomy while also providing some peace of mind to concerned family members. Read more about We Need to Talk

Wellness 65 Finds New Home on France Ave

Edina has no shortage of good internists, trusted medical spa providers and motivating personal trainers. The team at Wellness 65, however, is the first to bring those services to clients in one warm, modern and convenient location. Wellness 65 is the umbrella name for the three businesses operating in the new third-floor suite at 6565 France Ave. S., designed to feel like home, complete with a kitchen for cooking instructions and nutritional help.

Edina Experts Stay Fit Past 50

As we age, it can sometimes feel like opportunities for exercise—let alone exercise that feels good—are harder and harder to find. And yet, for folks over 50, it’s more important than ever to stay active. Moderate daily exercise keeps muscles strong, helps lower heart-disease risk factors and can improve bone and joint health.
OK, OK—you know all that. But how to find the perfect workout?
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