A Hunger for Travel

Food writer Terri Peterson in Edina Magazine

Curiosity makes the food and travel writer. Edina resident Terri Peterson Smith loves exploring new cuisines and culture. Interminable passion leads her to destinations worldwide but great finds are close to home too. This award-winning author’s latest book, Unique Eats and Eateries of the Twin Cities, covers 89 restaurants within Minneapolis and St. Paul, along with one suburban honorable mention (Robbinsdale-based Travail Kitchen and Amusements.) Some of the restaurants featured are nationally renowned, while others are lesser known, yet worthy finds. Read more about A Hunger for Travel

What's a Tomatillo? Rojo Mexican Grill Explains


It’s time to expand your garden and your dinner plate, because tomatillos are in and these little fruits are packed full of flavor. And no, tomatillos are not “baby” tomatoes. They are an entirely different fruit and bring an entirely different flavor to the plate.

Sometimes called husk tomatoes, tomatillos are small, green tomatoes with a dry, leafy husk wrapped around the outside. Though they aren’t as acidic as typical tomatoes, the flavor has a little bit of spice. Ben Albaugh, manager of Rojo Mexican Grill, says they can be prepared in any way tomatoes are prepared. Read more about What's a Tomatillo? Rojo Mexican Grill Explains

Mozza Mia Pasta for Delivery

Mozza Mia, the popular Italian restaurant at 50th and France, has rolled out a new feature this year. If you’re holding a company party, working late at the office or just don’t feel like venturing into the late-winter chill, the eatery’s cherished pizza pie and mozzarella morsels can still be yours. Mozza Mia has teamed up with Bite Squad, the urban food delivery service, to bring its delicious food to Edina residents.  Read more about Mozza Mia Pasta for Delivery


Famous Dave Dishes on the Secret to His Success

It’s easy to take for granted local access to tasty barbecue here in Minnesota. But before Famous Dave’s opened in the Twin Cities in 1995, some folks were driving all the way to Hayward, Wis.—the location of the first Famous Dave’s—to savor the seasoning and Southern smoked goodness of Famous Dave’s barbecue. Founder Dave Anderson has lived in Edina for more than 30 years. He and wife Kathy raised their two sons here, and their Edina home remains the Anderson family’s go-to location for great backyard barbecue. Read more about Famous Dave Dishes on the Secret to His Success

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