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College Student Cooks Gourmet Comfort Food


It’s almost time for dinner, and college junior Andrew Enriquez is pushing a shopping cart from his fraternity house on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus to an apartment complex a few blocks away. Inside the cart, Enriquez has piled food he will prepare for his classmates who’ve become his clients. What he’s discovered is that college students tire of Kraft Easy Mac. So he launched his own online order catering business last spring. 

Dry-Cleaning Franchisees Heap Loads of Love on Edina

Entrepreneurs Todd and Kathy Laabs grew up in Iowa. They met at an MBA program at the University of Iowa. Once married, Todd’s 15-year career with Procter & Gamble would take them all over the country. They moved six times during an 11-year period. The couple now resides in Edina and owns the new Tide Dry Cleaners franchise just behind the Lunds & Byerlys on France Avenue.

Local Entrepreneur Ali Jarvis Provides Fur-Friendly Information to Pet Owners

Ali Jarvis, proud owner of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel rescue, knows all the pup places about town. Born and raised in Edina, Jarvis keeps close ties to the community. Her website, Sidewalk Dog Media Inc., serves as a dog resource hub for the Twin Cities, northern Minnesota and beyond. As Sidewalk Dog’s founder and CEO, Jarvis does everything from dog rescue fundraisers to monthly Twin Cities Live dog adoption spots to sponsoring dog-friendly events.

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