Taste of Edina 2016

  • Tim McNiff and chef Abby Randall (winner of the chef contest).
  • Kari Botnen and Karl Dehkes
  • Tyge Nelson, Kyla Thompson, and Kevin Harris
  • Antonnio Cecconi, Deb Hanson and Tim McNiff.
  • Emily Van Oort, Max Sorenson and Rand Gallagher
  • Jessie Rosengren and Patty Balster
  • Mark and Tracey Williams
  • Chef Abby Randall
  • Laurie Lin and Lauren Harris
  • Ellie Powell and Kristin Olson
  • Xiong Ly
  • Emily Vomastek and Dan Schober
  • An example of one of the gourmet selections
  • Kristina Norton and Jeremy Moran