Two Edina Business Leaders Set Up Future Generations for Success

Two Edina business leaders set up future generations for success.

This spring, a new class of college graduates will enter the professional world. Edina residents Sandra Davis, founder of MDA Leadership Consulting, and Fritz Corrigan, former CEO and president of Mosaic Company, have committed to help these graduates become leaders. Each member of the class of 2014 at Dartmouth, Corrigan’s alma mater, will receive Pearls of Leadership Wisdom: Lessons for Everyday Leaders, by Davis, which outlines 30 “pearls” of advice about becoming a knowledgeable and high-impact leader.

As Corrigan discussed the implementation of a leadership curriculum at Dartmouth, he recognized Davis’s book as an excellent resource for those entering their senior year of college. The book is useful for more than just climbing the corporate ladder. “You can go to any page, read that leadership pearl and think of an example of how it can apply to you now,” says Davis. “It’s a book that’s meant to be read cover to cover.”

"I think there are four leadership traits that are essential,” adds Corrigan. “Integrity, which is the congruence of thought, word and deed; commitment, because as a leader you have to believe to your core that what you’re doing is right; courage, because you have to make tough decisions and execute those; and the ability to make good decisions because there’s lots of judgment involved.”