Bowl Hole

by | Jan 2021

Competitors playing Bowl Hole

Photos:Katelyn Christian Photography; Rick Murphy

Get out on the ice for some competition for a cause.

What exactly is Bowl Hole you might ask? Well, it goes like this: 10 holes, just smaller than a ball, are drilled in the ice in a pattern just like traditional bowling pins at the end of a bowling lane. A game consists of four players with two bowlers per team. One player from each team plays at each end of the lane. Each player has a turn to throw the ball across the ice in their attempt to drop that ball into a scoring hole. You score only if your ball drops into a hole and does not roll over it. First team to 21, or highest score when time runs out, wins. Now, LET’S PLAY! All proceeds from ticket sales and registration go directly to colon cancer research and support. So, get outdoors and enjoy some friendly competition as well as other activities and beverages. $30/nonplayers and $50/player. 10 a.m.; Knotty Oar Marina, 15862 Eagle Creek Ave. NE, Prior Lake;

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