Flux to Flow Provides Women with the Opportunity to Grow

by | Sep 2022

Flux to flow


The fall Flux to Flow session is October 4–November 22.

As a leadership coach, Stephanie Pierce works to maximize talent to achieve business success. More specifically, this Edina resident helps individuals recognize their passions and skill sets, so they can foster personal and professional growth.

“It brings me a lot of joy to see people fulfill their goals, whatever they are and at whatever point they are in their life,” Pierce says. That’s why she developed Flux to Flow, a leadership workshop designed to help 20 women find the next chapter in their professional lives.

Broken down into three phases, Pierce says the group will work to build a sense of self-awareness by recognizing their values; create an action plan based on their goals and capabilities; and help foster confidence to achieve their dreams through a series of discussions, one-on-one coaching sessions and peer learning opportunities. “My way to help organizations be better and communities be stronger is by helping individual leaders be more in touch with their skills and capabilities,” Pierce says. “My goal is to get the people who are participating in the program to feel confident in whatever it is they want to do next … and to have fun while doing it.”

The fall Flux to Flow session is October 4–November 22, and applications are currently open.

To apply or find more information about this program, visit stephpierce.com

Instagram: @the.stephpierce


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