Giggle Eruption

by | Aug 2021

Kindergarten Besties

Photo: Leah Steidl

Local mom captures a candid moment of joy.

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Images of Edina photo contest in the pages of Edina Magazine and online. This month, we asked Leah Steidl to tell us about her 2020 award-winning photograph titled Kindergarten Besties.

Where was the photo taken?

Arneson Acres Park in Edina.

What inspired the shot? 

The gals had just gotten their dance costumes and then were told the dance recital was going to be virtual (this was taken last spring). My fellow dance-mom/friend and I decided to let the girls try on their costumes and run around together at Arneson Acres and have an outdoor playdate. I brought my camera to capture of few images of the gals all dressed up.

What’s your favorite thing about this image? 

This moment is 100 percent real and candid. The girls had plopped down on the grass and were entertaining each other and laughing just as care-free kindergartners should! It was such a weird time with fully-distance everything and their giggles were priceless to me.

How does this photo reflect your feelings about living in Edina?

I love all the parks and green spaces. There are so many amazing spaces in Edina that are just a short drive or bike ride away.  


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