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I have this piece of art hanging above my fireplace by an artist I love, Whitney Schlander. It’s a print of her original painting, Winter Wrestles Spring. Shades of pinks and greens cover the canvas in a beautiful mess of abstract swirls and scribbles.

For me, this print embodies what the world is going through this time of year—a beautiful mess of new life erupting in the form of budding trees, fresh shoots of grass and unfurling leaves. But the messiness is also a reminder that this rebirth every spring isn’t an easy one. These plants must endure the cold deadness of winter, the loss of leaves and the loneliness of bare branches before reemerging in the spring, full of splendor.

It’s this push and pull between death and life—this idea of winter wrestling spring—that makes May one of my favorite months. It’s so hopeful! Each day, there are more blades of fresh green grass emerging from the mud. More buds turning into leaves, more tulips and daffodils showing up seemingly overnight. And then there are the lilacs, my personal favorite, in all their fragrant glory.

There are so many ways to enjoy the splendor of spring—many of which we explore in this issue. You can go on walks and admire all the blooming vegetation (perhaps at Arneson Acres Park), enjoy the fresh spring air while playing a round of golf or give gardening a try. Whether you have a green thumb or not, anyone can plant a veggie or herb garden—find tips for that on page 42. You can even explore the joy of communal gardening with the Edina Garden Council (page 16)! Doesn’t it all sound grand?

Now, excuse me while I go plant an herb garden of my own and hunt down some early spring flowers!

-Amy Overgaard

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